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Naturally Curious

Welcome to my world, a unique Personal blog of Arlette Ferber, writer and photographer. Enjoy and explore. Being creative added so much value to my life and I love having the opportunity to share that with you. As a young girl I already had a passion for writing poems and stories. I wrote everything very neatly in a thin notebook. There are several f them and I always kept them. In some periods I wrote more, in some less, but there were always bits of paper lying around where I wrote sentences or words that I wanted to remember. Sometimes they grew into something bigger and sometimes they didn’t. The love of books and my predisposition for languages was certainly a big advantage to learn to express myself as I do. As a lonely child my books were precious to me. I travelled distant  worlds, lived many lives and met many characters.

When my first child was born, I started to make pictures in a very amateuristic way with a cheap camera. Here and there people appeared headless or out of focus. But it got better and better, until the first digital camera really inspired me. More possibilities and much better quality pictures did the trick. In the meantime I had also discovered the computer. Even more options to choose from. Not only the fun of making the pictures, but also the excitement to be able to play with editing programs made my passion grow.

Of course nowadays Facebook, Instagram and the internet are great stages to share my creations. I also love the old fashioned way of looking at pictures. After each trip I make paper photobooks that I browse regularly. And that brings me to my third love, traveling. My travels will certainly also appear in stories. As well as all my other fascinations. Children, horses and many more.

Are you already curious? Enjoy the reading!

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A girl, a woman, a grandmother, a loyal friend, a writer, a reader, a photographer,  a dreamer. Just ME. All of this inspired me to found this blog. I invite you to explore my site, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

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