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A wish for happiness.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

There is magic light in your sanctuary

Take in the view and inhale the powerful air

Listen to the voice of life talking to you

You are the king of your kingdom

A judge in your own court

A lion in your territory

A prince on your own star

A priest of your own religion

But most of all

You are mind, body, soul, heart and conscience

A man

Not your father nor your mother

No brother, no sister

Not a husband or a child

Not a son or a daughter

Embrace your soul and take your place

As a man in the universe

Your own space

With your own vision of the world

Do not close the windows of the sanctuary

You need the light to read the inscription

Engraved between your shoulders

They are growing into a new dimension

A wish for happiness

Copyright © Arlette Ferber. All rights reserved.

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