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Christmas log cabin.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When: Christmas Eve

Why: because it's possible

Today we wake up here.

What? Yes, I transformed this into a cosy, luxurious hideaway for us. A big window to watch the snowflakes whirl down. A fireplace to keep us warm. A big bed with sheepskin for softness.

Outside is the snow scooter we used to get there. I guess there is at least 50 cm of snow.

We start with a short walk near the cabin. There are all kinds of animal footprints in the snow, then we remember the tales about wild animals and we go back quickly.

To warm up we have hot chocolate and eggnog with some sweets from the bakery down the road. A real treat. We settle down on the bed with our books and are silent most of the time.

Because of the sweets we are so full that we skip lunch. Later in the afternoon we have a glass of Prosecco and make travel plans for the summer. I would like to go to Main, but you prefer France. Probably we will end up somewhere completely different, but that's ok. Part of the fun is the anticipation of what will come.

We talk and talk while keeping an eye on the window. Slowly darkness takes over and brings us two deer inspecting the area. We are very quiet and fully enjoy the moment. They leave and we are still in awe.

Slowly we start to feel hungry, so I arrange our cheese meal on a plate. The baguette was on the fire for a short while to warm up. Butter, cheese and bread is all we need. All we want. Cheese night it is. We eat too much and are sorry we feel full already. The plate stays on the bed for later on.

By now it's dark outside. The cabin is lit by the fire and a couple of candles I brought. There is this big dark square that keeps attracting our attention. An occasional bird comes up close. We read, but keep an eye on the window. Suddenly I gasp. The nose of a mountain lion is pressed against the glass, to green eyes are focussed on us. We sit completely still and since nothing is happening, the big pussy cat slowly turns around and leaves. A big breath escapes us simultaneously. This was so much more than we expected. Adrenalin keeps on rushing for a while and we don't feel sleepy anymore.

The candles are out, the fire lights the room. It's warm and cosy. Too warm for the covers, too warm for clothes. After a slight hesitation we install ourselves on the sheepskin and celebrate this unique momentum. Life is good, we are privileged to fall asleep in each others arm.

And in the morning everything will still be there. The window is all steamed up and an angel wrote; et au réveil le bonheur dort à côté de moi ♡.

Copyright © Arlette Ferber. All rights reserved.

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