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Stars 1 and 2

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

With each shooting star

fading into the night

I need to make a wish.

A wish for strength

to pick the moon from the sky

as a gift to you,

to change the flow of a river

when you are crying.

Somebody give me the strength

to remember the moment

that the hour missed a minute

when I looked into your eyes,

only then I will be able

not to want to be with you.

Give me strength

for the nights to come

without shooting stars and

wishes for you in my arms.


Like whispers of silver

They light up the night sky

Just enough to catch a wish

Or carry a message

To the souls who dream

To the souls who wait

And to the souls that still believe

In the magic that they hold.

For those of us who dream

Our souls will always wait

For what we believe in.

Copyright © Arlette Ferber. All rights reserved.

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